This is a great piece that was shot by a local L.A. TV station. It gives a good overview of what’s involved in our program. It features material we teach in our Level One workshop as well as full force applications from a seminar with experienced jujutsu practitioners .


This was a great class at the dojo we used to call home, Kenpo Evolution. These are some demo fights from school owner Eartha Baca and instructor Meredith Gold.


This is a variety pack of different scenarios demonstrated by Meredith Gold during a Level Two workshop in 2013.


Here are a couple of powerful representative scenarios from a recent workshop at our very favorite annual martial arts camp, Camp Danzan Ryu.

This year we taught defense against a knife threat. Our goal is to give students a chance to learn how to do something effective in a worst case scenario when the adrenaline is coursing and making fine motor movements very challenging. This type of knife attack often precedes the woman getting dragged to a secluded area or thrown into a waiting car, so time is of the essence. Our intent is not to teach perfect knife disarms, but rather, to give our students the opportunity to practice breaking their freeze response, grabbing on to the knife hand and going primal. The padded bats represent breaking one’s tunnel vision to see if there are any environmental weapons available. Good stuff 🙂


Here are a few powerful examples of front assault scenarios from our recent Level 1 workshop. We emphasize the need for both verbal boundary setting and deescalation skills to try to avoid an assault, as well as full force physical techniques in case you have no choice but to fight.


This is a demonstration fight for our Level 2 workshop, which focuses on defending against attacks from behind.

A beautiful example of not giving up, despite the odds being stacked against you. She has amazing fighting spirit and awesome power!!

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