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At R-A-W Power, we believe that everyone is capable of learning how to live a safer, more confident life, regardless of age or fitness level. Our program addresses the physical, verbal and emotional components of real world safety in a fun, supportive and dynamic setting that offers students a unique and transformational training experience!

Our goal is to prepare students to deal effectively with the kinds of situations they are most likely to encounter in the real world, so reality is the name of the game in this program. We use a revolutionary training method called Adrenal Stress Scenario Training (ASST) – it involves learning how to fight back with full power and commitment while experiencing the adrenaline induced reaction that usually accompanies a real violent attack. By simulating realistic situations (with the help of a fully armored male instructor) students learn how to respond both verbally and physically to some of the most common types of assaults. The effect is so powerful that, while our classes are taught in a safe and controlled environment, students actually come away with the feeling that they have successfully dealt with a life-threatening situation. It can be a profoundly empowering experience.

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